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"With ‘Rainbow Moment,’ I wanted to create a series of nested stories, and I thought that using color would be an interesting way to do that, something very particular to the narrative possibilities of a comic. I was inspired by Italo Calvino’s book If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler, which has a series of interrupted or nested narratives. I was excited by the idea of using a color palette to designate a time and place, to indicate which character is narrating, and then be able to jump between them by just having the color tell the reader which story/timeline they are looking at. Hard to explain in words, I’m realizing … Heads or Tails has an overall theme of ambivalence, chance, and flip-sides, and this story is focused on in-betweens. The title ‘Rainbow Moment’ is named after what my parents used to call it when I’d have an emotional reaction of crying and laughing at the same time, as I have one of the characters say at the start of the story.”

—Lilli Carré discussing her latest Fantagraphics book, Heads or Tails, in an interview with me for Robot 6.

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