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Rest In Peace, L.M. Kit Carson, Icon of Independent Cinema

This morning, we learned the heartbreaking news that groundbreaking director, writer, actor, producer, and father L.M. Kit Carson has passed away at the age of 73. As one of the most influential independent American voices in cinema, his career was fascinatingly broad, bringing to life some of the most beloved collaborations of the last half-century. From Jim McBride’s brilliant black-and-white mockumentary David Holzman’s Diary (which to co-wrote and starred in) and his documentary The American Dreamer which chronicling Dennis Hopper’s The Last Movie to his experience writing the masterpiece that is Wim Wenders’ Paris, Texas alongside Sam Shepard (starring his son Hunter) and his fearless re-imagining of Breathless, not to mention his work as a champion and producer for then unknown filmmaker Wes Anderson on Bottle Rocket, Carson’s eclectic career was an impressive and inspiring mix that paved the way for so many after him.

In Memory of L.M. Kit Carson


The “Saturday Night Live” character Stefon is real, and works in a New York coffee shop. Watch as Bill Hader explains why his local barista might deserve some of the credit for “Weekend Update” ’s city correspondent, at the New Yorker Festival.

No, do you know where Alabama is?
Team USA’s DeMarcus Cousins question in response to European journalist asking him: “Do you know where Slovenia is?”

I love this trailer for the number of times and the flair with which the guy says Scaramouche. Also interesting for the lightning bolt at the beginning of the trailer. Must have inspired a young Freddie Mercury.

I never bring my business life home. I once let her [his wife] read a script and she said ‘Don’t do it. It’s no good.’ And it was the biggest hit I was ever in—‘Inherit the Wind’. So I decided to not let her read any more [scripts].
The late actor Tony Randall, explaining why he never discussed his career with his wife [he also admitted he could never act in a play in front of her, as it was the only time he would be nervous], in a 1974 appearance on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. In the September 1974 interview he also lamented the then recent death of actress Katharine Cornell.


Iggy Pop, 1973, by Mick Rock

[Their mind was focused] on wanting to work, if you had a goal, especially. And I pity anyone that doesn’t have a goal.
Lauren Bacall, in a 1980 Tonight Show appearance, explaining how she disliked school, mainly because she already had a goal to be an actress—and school was not a means for her to achieve that goal.

Did not realize The Simpsons did this at the end of last Sunday’s episode #Nice #RIPJanHooks

I love the full-color is referenced in a black and white photo. ;)


Vintage Bad Ass | 1960’s

The Chosen Few……the first racially integrated outlaw motorcycle club, established by Lionel Ricks in Los Angeles, California in 1959. Originally all African American, its first white member joined in 1960.


Jonathan Winters as the Jack O’Lantern Watchman - Disney’s Halloween Hall O’Fame (1977)

Wow. This may top the Paul Lynde Halloween Special.

Really, though, Gamergate is exactly what it appears to be: a relatively small and very loud group of video game enthusiasts who claim that their goal is to audit ethics in the gaming-industrial complex and who are instead defined by the campaigns of criminal harassment that some of them have carried out against several women. (Whether the broader Gamergate movement is a willing or inadvertent semi-respectable front here is an interesting but ultimately irrelevant question.) None of this has stopped it from gaining traction: Earlier this month, Gamergaters compelled Intel to pull advertising from a gaming site critical of the movement, and there’s no reason to think it will stop there.
The Future Of The Culture Wars Is Here, And It’s Gamergate (via alexsegura)

If this does not bother the hell out of you, it should.

(via alexsegura)


Young hockey teams look at the Empire State Building, 1969

I hope at least one child asked: “Do we have to tour the whole city with our equipment on?” ;)